Please read, important information regarding divisions, day of check-in, and other miscellaneous information.


We offer a wide variety of divisions this year including B, BB, A, AA, and PRO. Play your appropriate division. Playing below your level ("Sandbagging") will not be tolerated. This constitutes to the STRONGEST player on your team. I.E if you are an experienced AA player but your partner is a weak A player, you must play AA, up to the skill level of the strongest player. Not sure what division to play in? Please check the breakdown below to properly gauge where you should be playing. 

  • Pro - Extremely Skilled in all aspects of the game. This is the highest level possible should be confident in most if not all areas of the game.

  • AA - Very Skilled in all aspects of the game. Should be able to Top spin or float serve with great control and power. Comfortable hand setting, being able to attack with great control and power. Understands the game at the highest level.

  • A - Skilled in all aspects of the game. Can rally consistently, and can adequately bump set and hit.

  • BB - Know the game and are skilled in some aspects of the game. Can rally and occasionally bump set and hit.

  • B - New to the game, you haven't been playing the sport for a while or are still learning. Can't consistently bump set and hit, not much control overall.