To our community,

We hope you are all hanging in there and enjoying your “extended offseason”. It has been such a bummer to see tournaments dropping left and right due to COVID restrictions. We have some good news, but we want to be fully transparent to everyone that things are going to look very different this year.

First, the good news. WE’RE ON BABY!!!!!!!!!!!! You can now register for the 5th Annual Dig here - https://www.ctvolley.com/register-online. ***REGISTRATION CLOSES 7/24, A WEEK BEFORE THE TOURNAMENT THIS YEAR***.

We will be running The Dig this year July 31st – August 2nd. The days & divisions will be as follows:

  • Friday

    • Juniors Girls U18 Advanced / U18 / U17 / U16 Advanced / U16 / U15 / U14

    • Juniors Boys U18 / U16 / U14

    • Masters Men’s 45+ / 55+

    • Masters Women’s 45+ / 55+

  • Saturday

    • Men’s Pro / AA / A / B

    • Women’s Pro / AA / A / B

  • Sunday

    • Coed Open / AA / A / B

We wanted to explain how The Dig will be run very different this year. Jon & I created this tournament for the community. It’s for you. We don’t take a profit and we invest every dollar back in. We each own other businesses, but we run The Dig to give back. We’ve grown so wildly these first 5 years because of your support. We thank you, deeply, for helping us build this awesome tournament.

That said, volleyball as a sport has taken a big hit this year, heavily impacting members of our community. Specifically, we’re talking about those who own / run clubs for youth volleyball players. These are the people grooming the future of our beloved sport. Many of these leaders participate in our event, have donated to us, help us run the event, and so much more.

It’s time for us to pay it back, and we hope you’ll join us. In lieu of payouts this year only (we’re going to make huge custom prize packs + lowered fee for pro), we will be donating all the money we can possibly raise to local clubs impacted by COVID-19 (from payouts + typical “profits” that normally get reinvested / every dime we can scrape up together). We understand this may frustrate some, but we’re asking you, this year, to unite with us and support the organizations that taught many of us to play the game we now love.

There are more nuanced changes to the event this year due to restrictions (spaced out tents, mask-wearing when not playing, all that jazz that comes with satisfying local authorities when running such a large event). See below for more.

We hope you’ll join us 7/31 – 8/2, our 5th year is going to be awesome despite the adversity. If there’s one tournament worth making it to this year, you damn well know it’s THE DIG!

Roger & Jon


​We've spoken to the State of CT on guidelines to run. These are subject to completely change, but this is where we're at. We're allowed to run so long as we're an approved business (we are, see below), the venue is at 50% capacity (it will be, it's a giant field with 10,000 person capacity), and we follow additional restrictions. Here's more info:

  • Temperature checks

  • Every player must sign a COVID waiver to attend

  • No food or drink serving on-site

    • No beer tent or vendors this year, sorry everyone. That said, you can bring alcohol but no hard liquor this year.​ You're welcome for that ;).

  • ​Need to primarily set up one-way walking paths in bottlenecked locations (i.e. – entrance & exit)

  • Hand washing stations / sanitizer if we can

  • Text check-in (we won’t be doing on-site in-person check-in)

  • No morning announcements or crowd gatherings

  • Face masks must be worn outside tent areas (no mask if playing, walking to court to play, or in your own tent)

  • Ref wears face mask

  • No sharing tents (partner / someone you rode in car with / friends & family only but limit 5 people)

  • Need to space out tents (every other space)

  • Bring your own balls (we already do this anyway)

  • All pre-paid, no on-site payment

  • First seed in every pool handles clipboard / filling in results. Other refs keep score and report score to 1 seed.

  • No refs sitting on the same side back to back, all refs on same side of the court so they’re apart

  • No sharing golf carts or walkie talkies (tournament directors / staff)

  • No massage therapist (we WILL have an on-site trainer though for medical)