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Welcome to The Dig 2024!

Registration  is now live!!!

Learn about The Dig, entry fees, check-in times, and format.

Learn the rules for all areas of the game (serving, passing, hitting, etc.)

Register online for The CTVolley Dig using a credit card or PayPal.

See the previous winners of The Dig on the AVP America website.


Having been in existence for over 25 years, CTVolley originally started out as a triples volleyball tournament in Winsted, CT run by local legends Matt Jassen & Chuck Drda. The tournament was taken over by Roger Parent & Jon Hurlock in 2013 and rebranded under the name CTVolley. In 2016, we created The Dig as an add-on doubles tournament to the CTVolley schedule. In just its second year, The Dig’s popularity exploded and we have since put 100% of our focus and resources into making this the best event possible.


We have an incredibly strong community of players. These tournaments are run by the players, for the players. Outdoor volleyball is a great way to work on all phases of your game. Multiple divisions ensure that you can find the skill level that best suits you, from High School & Juniors players all the way up to Professional players. However...

NO SANDBAGGING! We understand that you want to win prizes, but that doesn't mean you can drop down a division and ruin the fun day of others because you want to win a prize. If you're caught sandbagging, you won't win any prizes anyway!



Want to become a sponsor and be as cool as these guys? Check out the page below:

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