How Do I Check-in?


When you arrive at the park, text the above number (**IT IS NOT A PHONE LINE**) with the FULL NAMES & DIVISIONS of the players you are checking in. If you do NOT check in during the check-in window, you will be removed from the tournament immediately and no refunds will be given.

  • Saturday: Check-in window is 8:00AM - 8:45AM, play starts at exactly 9:00AM

  • Sunday: Check-in window is 8:00AM - 8:45AM, play starts at exactly 9:00AM

If you have any questions during the day or need an announcement made, you will be able to text this number for that as well once check-in is over & play has started!

What Net Am I Playing On?

Download the pools from your division below. Find your division & click the "View Pools" button below it. It'll open a PDF that will have all the pools in that division. Find your name and the net you're playing on & Bob's your Uncle.

Men's Pro
Men's AA
Men's A
Men's B
Women's Pro
Women's AA
Women's A
Women's B
Coed Open
Coed AA
Coed A
Coed BB
Coed B
Boys 16U
Girls 18U
Girls 16U
Girls 14U

Where Do I Go?

See the graphic below for the layout of the event! You will arrive and park and come in from behind the band shell. Please enter on the ENTRANCE side, there will be a big white banner that says "ENTRANCE" right as you pull in to your left that you will drive by to park. The exit is on the opposite side of the band shell

**FYI, nets are subject to move a little bit from the below based on set-up conditions! They'll all be labeled with numbers.